What Sets LED This Teeth Whitening Kit Apart?

You might have tried some quick remedies to acquire white teeth. But all in vain. This is where WIVONE® top-notch tech product proves to be the most optimal solution. Leveraging this product would provide you with these endless benefits:

Quick Whitening
You wouldn’t have heard about such a quick solution for whitening teeth before. The highly effective Carbamide peroxide gel sticks to the teeth to remove stains in no time. All it takes is 15 minutes per treatment to acquire gleaming teeth. You have to use this kit for ten days to witness permanent results.

Customized for Optimal Performance
This highly effective kit possesses 32 LED lights. Each LED light is specifically designed for different impressions on the equipment. All you have to do is to apply the gel to your teeth. This kit can be sterilized easily in 100 degrees boiling water without any hassle.

FDA, CE, and Health Canada Approved Kit
This LED teeth whitening kit for the home has been designed in Canada and complies with the FDA standards. We have clinically tested these kits to ensure the customers' safe and optimal use of such products.

Economical Solution
You would be charged around $600 for such treatment in dental clinics. Why waste your time and money on such expensive treatments when you have this effective LED teeth whitening kit that you can use on your own. (approx. CA$750)

30 Days Refundable Trial
We serve with the assurance that your current teeth would turn into pearly white teeth after using this kit. You will witness a change in whitening up to 6 degrees. If you are not satisfied with the results, we are always welcome to offer you a complete refund within 30 days.