Ready for a Sparkling Smile?

Try Out Our Stunning Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Your teeth can develop stains and an unwanted yellowish look even though your diet is excellent and free from stuff like coffee and tea. What’s the optimal solution? Is there any quick procedure to make the teeth white and glowing? Surely there is!

WIVONE® offers a unique LED teeth whitening kit to make your teeth glow white within 15 minutes. Yes, you heard it right. 15 minutes!

Say Goodbye to Conventional Teeth Whitening Techniques
It does not matter anymore if you have sensitive teeth; this LED teeth whitening kit leverages red and blue lights to restore the natural whitening of your teeth. We’re not done here. You can use this kit for daily oral cleansing, sterilizing, as well as odour removal. Why settle for expensive and ineffective treatments when you have this stunning kit for home. This kit comes with an automatic timer. From its use to results, you won’t face any hassle.

Available in 4 Pens
Express 1 pen 4 ml
This whitening pen is used to get fast and maximum results. If you want quick teeth whitening solutions for an upcoming event, this must be your choice.

Gentle two pens 4 ml/Pen
This whitening pen is used to maintain optimal oral health and teeth whitening results. The best option for sensitive teeth.

Desensitizer 1 pen 4 ml
This desensitizer is used after the whitening of teeth. Talking about benefits, this product replenishes teeth with vitamins and minerals.