Incredible Design

Explore a choice of 4 WIVONE® pens with 32 LED light variations capable of sterilization at 100 degrees boiling water. The home teeth whitening pens feature a dentist-approved design that prevents teeth sensitivity with a combination of red and blue light to soothe tooth sensitivity. What’s even better is you don’t have to worry about making your morning routine a complete mess. Use the teeth whitening LED and brush your teeth as you usually would.

The teeth whitening kit features a unique design that combines form and function. Choose from two types of pens designed to deal with tooth sensitivity, each with an automatic timer and a comfortable light intensity voltage power. If you’re looking for dramatic and instantaneous results, you'll be relieved to know it takes only ten days with our LED home teeth whitening pen. The whole process saves you up to $ 600 spent in dentist clinics. (approx. CA$750)

Our LED teeth whitening pen is designed in Canada for home use and approved by the FDA, CE, and Health Canada. It is clinically tested and approved by Canadian dentists. Our pride lies in our vegan-friendly teeth whitening kit perfect for sensitive teeth.